X-TEAM product after-sales service terms

First, product after-sales service standards:

1. Product one year warranty (except for individual accessories):
From the date of your purchase, the company will provide a one-year warranty (without human damage) for the X-TEAM series of products you purchased, in case of failure under normal use.

2. Within one year from the date of your purchase of the company’s X-TEAM series of branded products, the company provides “National Warranty” after-sales service (when the products you use have hardware failures within the scope of warranty) (by the provinces of the company) Regional agents replace the company’s implementation of standard warranty service commitments).

3. Consulting services:
If you need technical consultation during use, you are welcome to call our customer service hotline: +86-769-85228181, our after-sales customer service will provide you with professional answers, or visit our official website www. consult online customer service staff.

4. If you cannot enjoy the “X-TEAM series product warranty service standard”, this commitment does not apply to the following situations:
(1). Products without the X-TEAM series logo;
(2). The whole machine or component of this product has exceeded the warranty period;
(3). Failure or man-made damage (such as bruises, bruises, etc.) caused by failure to use, store, maintain or operate the product as required by the instructions;
(4). Failure or man-made damage caused by the working environment specified by the product (such as excessive temperature, too low temperature, excessive humidity or dryness, abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, input of inappropriate voltage, etc.);
(5). Failure or man-made damage caused by installation, repair, modification, addition or disassembly of agents and personnel of the provinces authorized by the company;
(6). Failure or damage caused by the use of pirated or other non-legally authorized software, non-standard or unpublished software;
(7). Failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human causes (including computer viruses, operational errors, liquid ingress, scratches, handling, bumping, improper insertion, foreign matter falling in, rats, insects, etc.);
(8). Failure or damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, lightning strikes, etc.);

5, note:
(1). The company will provide you with the specified warranty service within the scope of this standard service commitment. If you have other service requirements beyond the warranty service promise of this standard, please select the paid service of the company’s certification service organization.
(2). Purchase bills and product warranty cards are important documents for you to obtain the company’s standard warranty service commitment, please keep it in a safe place. When the company or the authorized regional agent of the company provides you with warranty service, please be sure to show relevant documents; if you can not produce the corresponding purchase ticket, the company’s X-TEAM series brand product warranty card, the company will No after-sales service is provided.

Second, special instructions and other

1. The scope of application of this warranty service standard:
It is only applicable to X-TEAM series brand products sold in the territory of the People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

2. Customer service methods:
To the extent permitted by law, the company may, at its option, repair, replace or return the product to provide you with the warranty service promised in this document.

3. If the product you purchased has hardware failure during the warranty period, you can send the faulty product to the local agent authorized by the company in the territory of the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) for maintenance service. The regional agent authorized by the company will notify you to retrieve the product after the repair is completed. The company does not bear the cost and risk of receiving the product. The contact information and address of the regional agent authorized by the company can be found on the official website of the company or through our customer service hotline: +86-769-85228181.

4. The company’s promise of denial
(1). Unless expressly stated in this Service Offering, the Company makes no other warranties or warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In addition to the company’s other express commitment, otherwise: This warranty service commitment only applies to the company’s X-TEAM series brand products at the factory configuration. Any company or personnel (such as a seller) to install all the parts of the company’s X-TEAM series brand products, the company does not assume warranty responsibility.
(2). Any organization and personnel (such as distributors) will not be liable for any additional commitments made to you by the products you purchase and their affiliated hardware and software equipment outside of this service commitment; you shall make The organization or personnel of the commitment request a written certificate to ensure that these additional commitments are honored.

5, warranty certificate
The purchase of the bill and the product warranty card are the basis for your request for the company to perform the statutory corresponding post-sale obligations and the company’s standard services. Please be sure to keep it in a safe place.

6, replace the ownership of the product or part
After the company replaces the whole machine or faulty parts for you, the original machine or the faulty parts will be taken back and owned by the company.

Remarks: The above “X-TEAM Series” reserves the right of final interpretation.

X-TEAM series after-sales service address: No. 5, Lane 4, Shangnan Road, Fifth Industrial Zone, Nanzha, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Contact number: +86-769-85228181

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