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Technical Related Questions

A brushless motor is an electric motor powered by direct current (DC). Though more expensive than the standard electric or brushed motor, it has considerable advantages over its predecessor. Most notably, a brushless motor boasts better performance and suffers less wear than brushed motors of similar size.

Efficiency is a primary selling feature for BLDC motors. Because the rotor is the sole bearer of the magnets, it requires no power, i.e., no connections, no commutator, and no brushes. In place of these, the motor employs control circuitry. To detect where the rotor is at certain times, BLDC motors employ, along with controllers, rotary encoders or a Hall sensor.

Automatic devices, servomechanisms, or servo systems have four components: a drive, a motor, a controller, and a feedback device. The controller sets what the servo drive motor must produce. It then triggers the drive to send the required electrical energy to the motor. As a result, the desired motion takes place.

The right kind of motor is needed when designing a unit that needs to deliver motion. Unlike a regular motor, a servo motor is capable of producing precise control of acceleration, velocity, and angular position. Servo motors are composed of an electric motor, a feedback device, and some kind of electronic control system. The electric motor either runs on AC or DC power. The DC has two classifications: brushed and brushless servo motors.

  1. Long life expectancy
  2. High-efficiency indicators
  3. Minimal noise level
  4. Quickly achieves maximum rotation speed
  5. Fewer maintenance requirements
  6. Doesn’t require additional cooling resources

Product Related Questions

When the motor load is running, there is power loss in the motor, which will eventually become heat energy, which will increase the temperature of the motor and exceed the ambient temperature. The value at which the motor temperature is higher than the ambient temperature is called temperature rise. Once the temperature rises, the motor must dissipate heat to the surroundings; the higher the temperature, the faster the heat dissipation. When the heat emitted by the motor per unit time is equal to the heat dissipated, the temperature of the motor no longer increases, but maintains a stable temperature, that is, in a state of heat and heat balance.

In order for the DC brushless motor to rotate, there must always be a certain angle between the magnetic field of the stator coil and the magnetic field of the permanent magnet of the rotor. The process of rotor rotation is also the process of changing the direction of the magnetic field of the rotor. In order to make the two magnetic fields have an angle, after a certain degree, the direction of the magnetic field of the stator coil must be changed. So how do you know to change the direction of the stator's magnetic field? Then rely on those three Halls. It can be considered that the three Halls are responsible for telling the controller when to change the direction of the current.

In the three-phase circuit of the brushless motor or the brushless controller, one phase cannot work. The lack of phase is divided into main phase lack of phase and Hall lack of phase. The performance is that the motor is shaking and can not work, or the rotation is weak and the noise is loud. The controller is easy to burn out when it works in the state of lack of phase.

The part that does not rotate when a brush or brushless motor is working. The motor shaft of a hub-type brushed or brushless toothless motor is called a stator, and this type of motor can be called an internal stator motor.

The part that rotates when a brush or brushless motor is working. The shell of the hub-type brushed or brushless gearless motor is called the rotor, and this type of motor can be called an external rotor motor.

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