I. Changes brought by the epidemic

  • ​According to a report released by the United Nations[1], the economic growth rates of the United States and the European Union will be 0.4% and 0.2% respectively in 2023, Japan will be 1.5%, and the economies of the United Kingdom and Russia will experience negative growth of 0.8% and 2.9% respectively. ​This suggests that the economic growth of the United States and the European Union will be relatively slow, while the economic growth of Japan will be relatively fast, and the economies of the United Kingdom and Russia will experience negative growth.​
  • The report[2] issued by the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that considering the possible impact of various factors, the world economic recovery will face greater pressure in 2023, and the economic growth rate will further drop to 2.5% more likely. ​

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  • As the economy slumps and people are under more pressure to make ends meet, spending on hobbies plummets. Research by the World Health Organization shows that hobbies, as a bridge between interpersonal communication and self-realization, play an important role in mental health. This means that people’s mental health can be seriously affected when there is a lack of hobbies.[3]

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II. Our responsibility for the world

  • Electrical engineering plays an important role in the national economy[4][5][6]. The use of electrical products is no longer limited to industrial applications but has gradually expanded to other fields such as commercial and household equipment[5]. In recent years Recently, due to the rapid increase in the international community’s emphasis on energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development, the production of high-efficiency motors has become the development direction of the global motor industry[5].
  • Therefore, our responsibility is also to make the hobby easier to achieve by using the most efficient way to make motors. Specifically saying, we try our best to save costs under the condition of guaranteeing quality. For example, Configure appropriate reactive power compensation equipment. ​Minimize the number of people in non-production roles unless necessary. Secondary machining of the motor rotor.

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III. Future Prospect

  • After almost 15 years of exploration, we now make motors for various areas such as Automobiles, 5G, drones/underwater robots, electric treadmills/electric vehicles, industrial robots, fans, compressors, power tools, pumps, personal health care, etc.[7]

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  • As a manufacturer, we are committed to contributing to the development of the world economy by building a solid foundation for our customers. Our goal is always to do better than before. Based in China, we will continue to walk with the world and make the world a better place, just like we have made our company better in these years.4.10 1

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