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At this stage, many manufacturers of automation equipment have shifted their attention to brushless DC motors, preferring to use brushless DC motors instead of the previous low efficiency, large noise, and many other insurmountable defects of motors, such as three-phase asynchronous motors, stepper motors, etc. In the process of users understanding various parameters and technical problems of brushless DC motors, is it possible to mention that brushless DC motors do not need drivers? In fact, brushless DC motors can not be used without a driver. This is decided from the principle of a brushless motor.[1]

High-power brushless DC motors replace the mechanical commutator with an electronic commutator. Brushless DC motors require a driver drive circuit precisely because of the electronic phase change. A Brushless DC motor commutation circuit consists of two parts: the driver and control, which are not easy to separate, especially for small power circuits often integrate the two into a single dedicated integrated circuit.

In larger power brushless DC motors, the drive circuit and control circuit can each become one. The drive circuit outputs electrical power to drive the armature winding of the motor and is controlled by the control circuit. The drive circuit has changed from a linear amplification state to a pulse width modulated switching state, and the corresponding circuit composition has changed from a transistor discrete circuit to a modular integrated circuit. Modular integrated circuits are available in the form of power bipolar transistors, power field effect tubes, and isolated gate field effect bipolar transistors. Although, the isolated gate field effect bipolar transistor is more expensive, from the reliable safety and performance point of view, it is still more appropriate to choose it.

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The drive mode of the brushless direct motor can be divided into various drive modes according to different categories, and they have their own characteristics. According to the drive waveform: square wave drive, this drive method is convenient to achieve and easy to realize the motor without position sensor control; sine drive, this drive method can improve the motor running effect, so that the output torque is uniform, but the realization process is relatively complex. At the same time, this method has SPWM and SVPWM (space vector PWM) two ways, the SVPWM effect is better than SPWM.[2]

High-power DC brushless motors replace mechanical commutators with electronic commutators, so brushless DC motors have the characteristics of good speed control performance of DC motors but also have the advantages of simple structure, no commutation sparks, reliable operation, and easy maintenance of AC motors. This is also the reason why more and more automation equipment manufacturers love to use it.

Without the use of a drive, the motor will not be in optimal condition, thus affecting its performance.

First, the brushless DC motor can achieve higher speeds by using a driver. The speed of the motor depends on its rated speed, and the drive can provide a constant current so that the motor can generate more power and less vibration at the same time. This is very important for applications that require high rotational speed and high efficiency, such as automotive, aerospace, industrial automation, and other fields.

Secondly, using a drive can guarantee the best condition of the motor. The driver can adjust the speed according to the needs of the motor to achieve the best state. This means the motor can produce more power and less vibration in the same amount of time. This is very important for applications that require long hours of work and high precision, such as e-commerce, electronic machine, and other fields.


In addition, the driver can also adjust the speed according to the needs of the motor, so as to provide corresponding control signals, so that the motor can obtain the best control performance. This is important for applications that require varying degrees of control performance, such as autonomous driving, robotics, and more.

Finally, the use of a drive guarantees the optimum condition of the motor, thereby increasing its reliability and longevity. The drive can provide constant voltage and current, so as to ensure that the motor can get the best condition throughout its service life.[3]

In short, DC brushless motor manufacturers’ small introduction where to use brushless motors, must be matched with the corresponding drive, otherwise, it is impossible to use brushless motors, I hope you note this point.[4]

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