On the morning of April 22, the leaders of Dongguan UAV Association visited our company. During the inspection, the leaders first visited the brushless motor production workshop of Guangdong Lidinglong Power Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Du Dehu reported in detail the advantages, technological advancement, product promotion status and domestic and foreign market prospects of the company’s brushless motor products. During the period, the relevant leaders of the UAV Association carefully asked questions about product technology innovation, energy-saving benefit analysis and other issues, and Manager Du answered them one by one. The production workshop was visited. During the visit, the production supervisor introduced the whole process of brushless motor production and the workshop management mode in detail. Looking at the rows of assembly line workers who are working non-stop, I highly praised them. At the same time, he expressed his affirmation and confidence for the brushless motor products independently produced by Li Dinglong. It is hoped that Li Dinglong will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve independent innovation capabilities, and focus on the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights.

After visiting the production workshop, we came to the conference room of the company. Manager Du showed the scale, culture and development direction of the company in the form of PPT. Founded in 2007, Guangdong Lidinglong Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of miniature non-output motors integrating production, sales and R&D. The company provides customers with various types of brushless motors developed and produced by itself, and has an international brand independently founded by X-TEAM.

Before the end of the inspection, the leaders had a detailed understanding of the company’s project progress, project quality control, construction schedule and other aspects, and exchanged opinions with the company’s chairman Du Dehu. And hope that Lidingjing will continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve its status in the industry, and make greater contributions to promoting regional economic development.

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