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From March 12 to 13, 2016, the “Irrigation and Three-Round Overbearing Cup” cross-strait vehicle model (cross-country) Grand Prix kicked off at the National Science and Technology Sports Training Base-Xiamen Three-Circle Model Technology Experience Base.

The competition was co-sponsored by Xiamen Jimei District Government and Xiamen Light Industry Group Co., Ltd., and was jointly undertaken by Guankou Town Government and Xiamen Sanhuan Battery Co., Ltd. The game set two items: 1/8 remote control electric off-road vehicle and 1/8 remote control oil-powered off-road vehicle. Players who enter the top eight will receive a prize, of which the prize money is RMB 20,000! 200 top players gathered in Xiamen. During the competition, the organizers launched activities such as the Cross-Strait Model Industry Elite Forum, the manufacturers’ joint exhibition and the model technology experience.

In the past two days, many local citizens and local enthusiasts walked into the three-wheel vehicle model experience base and felt a joy of control. From the Xinjiang Urumqi MR.BOX remote control racing field, Liu Zhiqing came to Xiamen to participate in the event. 18,000 km (park introduction http://www.rcfans.com/article-11601-1.html)! At the same time, based on the recognition and trust of the three-circle overbearing brand and products, the company signed a contract with the factory during the event and became a distributor of three laps of lithium battery products in Xinjiang. The organizers of the event expressed the hope that through the holding of high-level events, they will provide a platform for exchanges and cooperation between vehicle model athletes on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and even in Asia, and promote the development and growth of vehicle model movements in China, Xiamen and Jimei. At the same time, with the help of the competition platform, more people can understand the beauty of “beautiful Xiamen·humanities and beauty collection” and “ecological irrigation”, and use the competition to promote the development of Xiamen and Jimei humanities tourism industry.

Saturday was the preliminary round. Due to the rain, the 1/8 electric off-road three-round preliminary round was not completed. Yang Zhijie, the junior driver of the three-lap overbearing team, ranked first in the preliminary round and won the TQ. Chen Guanxian of the Agama team followed. The electric off-road finals scheduled to be held on Sunday were not able to be carried out due to heavy rain, and the final results were the final results. Yang Zhijie champion, Chen Guanxian runner-up, Taiwan driver Wei Yuya won the third place.

The most notable of the Sunday finals was the 50-minute 1/8 oil-powered off-road final. The event was scheduled to take place on Sunday morning. The organizers gave priority to the Group A finals in the full assessment of the weather. In the preliminary stage of the oil-powered off-road vehicle, Felix Law won the TQ in the Hongnor X3S racing car, followed by the top driver of the S-Workz team from Shenzhen, Hu Yuping, and the third-round overbearing driver Yang Zhijie who won the TQ and the championship in the electric power ranked third. . Before the start of the finals, it was light rain, and the road surface was relatively slippery. I believe that there will be more variables in the final of Group A. In the initial stage, Felix Law, which obtained TQ in the preliminary round, entered the first two corners of the big straight road and overturned on the first lap. Yang Zhijie took the first place. The young driver’s driving style was stable and the line position was accurate, gradually opening the gap with the second place.

Although Tiangong is not beautiful, but the driver’s enthusiasm is not reduced, the competition in each group’s finals is still very fierce. Each group has drivers to create the best results in the laps of the Group A players. It can be seen that this competition is definitely a masterpiece! After the completion of all the finals of the oil-powered off-road vehicles, Dong Sizheng (Love Car) of the Shanghai team brought an amazing and wonderful 1/8 electric off-road vehicle rainy track performance to the audience, winning applause and cheers from the audience. ! In addition, I am especially grateful to the on-site public assistants arranged by the three laps. In the case of heavy rain and muddy tracks, the public assistants provided the most powerful guarantee for the cars that were overturned and collided on the field. Every driver and assistant present. And the audience gave warm applause to the public assistant after the game.

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