The World Drone Prix officially debuted in Dubai on the 11th, attracting more than 150 teams from around the world to sign up, hoping to win the first place and take a high prize of $250,000. However, no one expected that the final victory in the bidding competition of the Dubai team to win the prize was actually a drone operated by a 15-year-old British youth!

In this event, the total prize money is up to 1 million US dollars, and it is held in Dubai, the richest country in the world. All the players gathered together to compete in the dark sky with VR-like goggles. Watch your own drone flying over the track consisting of a glimpse of lights, and finally succeed in the minimum time, according to the track instructions to cross each ring team to win.

In the drone racing competition, it was the grandest event held in Dubai. More than 2,000 spectators came to watch the event together. In this nearly 10 minute event, the British 15-year-old boy finally Luke Bannister’s team Tornado X-Blades Banni-UK won the championship and the local Dubai Dronetek team took the lead to win the runner-up. However, the $250,000 plaque is not shared by Bannister alone, but is equally divided with the other 43 members of the team.

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