Recently, Beijing Zhongdou Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Zhongdou Technology) and Guangzhou Jifei Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Feifei Technology) signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, the two sides on the ultra-flying technology drone data access Zhongdou Technology The Beidou Cloud (BD-Cloud) drone cloud service system has reached a cooperation.

Zhongdou Technology Opens the API of Beidou Cloud (BD-Cloud) UAV Cloud Service System, authorizes plant protection UAV enterprise data access to meet the regulatory requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and assists government departments to realize efficient management of drones. And safety control, guide the plant protection industry drones to regulate the management, but also provide a basis for the application of purchase subsidies for plant protection drone users. The management department can obtain the flight data and static data information (including real-time flight data, violation alarm, aircraft number, flight time, flying hand information, etc.) of the plant protection drone through the Beidou Cloud (BD-Cloud) drone cloud service system. The electronic fence data can be released and updated, and violations can be found through Beidou Cloud (BD-Cloud) and timely control measures are taken.

On September 18, 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration of China jointly issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Pilot Work on the Application of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy to Guide Plant Protection and Unmanned Aircraft”, pointing out: to play the guiding role of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, Promoting the application of plant protection unmanned aircraft is an active exploration to establish a safe, convenient and effective operation management mechanism. It is of great significance to enrich the application of aviation plant protection technology and promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side. It is also clear that the pilot product manufacturing enterprise should establish an intelligent management and control platform, which can implement remote real-time monitoring and safety control of the operation flight of its products, and the platform should directly or indirectly access the China Civil Aviation Administration drone cloud switching system.

Zhongdou Technology’s “Beidou Low-altitude Flight Surveillance and Service System” is approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and meets the requirements of the CCA-91 Advisory Circular AC-91-FS-2015-31 of the Chinese Civil Aviation Regulations, and obtained by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The “UAV Cloud System Approval Letter” was issued. This system can realize the functions of registration management of drones and flying hands, dynamic monitoring of aircraft, flight plan management, track tracking and electronic fences.

Extreme Flying Technology is the world’s leading agricultural technology company and commercial drone manufacturer. The company’s plant protection and mapping UAV products and services have covered 29 provinces and 6 countries including Japan and Australia. It is the world’s largest agricultural drone operator. In the country, the total area of ​​plant protection services exceeds 15 million mu, and the average planting and operation of more than 40,000 plant protection and mapping drones per day. Surveying and spraying operations have been carried out for more than 240,000 plots.

The two companies have joined forces and cooperated. Promote the standardized management of plant protection drones and actively explore the establishment of a safe, convenient and effective operation management mechanism for government regulatory departments, which is of great significance to promote the healthy development of the plant protection drone industry.

As the industry’s leading unmanned cloud cloud nationwide service provider, Zhongdou Technology will continue to help the orderly and healthy development of the UAV supervision service system, aiming to build the world’s largest Beidou low-altitude flight monitoring and service network, and strive for each Users who access the Beidou Cloud (BD-Cloud) drone cloud service system provide high-quality, convenient and efficient services.

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