Brushless motor is a typical mechatronic product, consisting of a motor body and a driver. Since brushless DC motors operate in self-control mode, they do not add another starting winding to the rotor like synchronous motors that start under heavy loads with variable speed regulation, and they do not oscillate or lose steps when the load changes suddenly. Motors are widely used, many brush motor’s are replaced by brushless motors, from the name, here refers to the motor without carbon brushes, but from the surface meaning, is the evolutionary replacement of brushed motors, the following to introduce its selection considerations.

First, the selection of brushless motor should consider the need for the motor body.
1. the power requirements of brushless motor: how much w is needed.
2. How many rev/min speed is needed.
3. How much voltage is needed to drive the motor.
4. The size of the motor needs: the diameter of the motor, the length of the motor and the size of the shaft diameter.
5. Brushless motors are divided into Hall and non-Hall, also known as induction or non-induction, which one is needed. If used for low-speed brushless motors, you need to consider whether and what kind of reducer is needed.
Second, after determining the selection, you need to consider the matching of brushless DC motor driver or brushless DC motor controller.
1. First, the power of the driver or controller should be greater than the selected power.
2. For example, whether the function of brushless DC motor driver or brushless DC motor controller meets the need, there are many options in the speed regulation mode.
3. If there is a communication control requirement, you need to see which drive or controller has communication control function, such as RS485.
4. Different drives or controllers vary greatly in size or mounting type, and should be carefully checked.
5. Whether or not a display is required: generic drives or controllers do not display or simply display, this needs to be carefully confirmed.
6. Are there more complex control requirements? Need to distinguish the driver and controller, can control some more complex brushless motor, but the relative cost is slightly higher.
Third, drive and control power
1. After the selection of brushless DC motor is determined, the importance of switching power supply selection should be fully understood. On the basis of the power supply voltage to meet the requirements, the power supply is required to be 30% or 50% higher than the motor, so that the motor can be quickly switched and the power supply will not be blocked.
2. It is recommended to use linear power supply after rectification and filtering, and the power should be increased appropriately.
I believe that after reading it will have a new understanding and knowledge of brushless motors, if you want to know more about this area, you can pay more attention to our website, I hope it can help you.


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