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X team sensorless Brushless motor


The motor’s performance and reliability are the essential aspects of drone technology. Now, sensored motors particularly brushless electric motors have become the standard choice among drone enthusiasts and professionals. For X-Team, we are known for quality sensored motors which help increase efficiency as well as performance when it comes to drones. Let’s discover how sensored motors elevate drone behavior and why X-Team is the numero uno when it comes to top motor solutions.

Understanding Brushless Electric Motors

Brushless electric motors are a type of motor that does not use brushes for commutation. Instead, they rely on electronic controllers to switch the current in the motor windings, producing rotational motion. These motors are known for their efficiency, longevity, and superior performance, making them ideal for drones.

What Is a Brushless Motor?

A brushless motor consists of a rotor (which is usually a permanent magnet) and a stator (which contains the windings). The absence of brushes reduces friction and wear, leading to higher efficiency and longer lifespan. Brushless motors are often used in RC cars and drones because they provide better speed control and higher torque.

The Role of Windings in Brushless Motors

The windings in a brushless motor are essential for generating the magnetic field that drives the rotor. High-quality windings ensure efficient energy conversion and minimal heat generation. At X-Team, our motors are equipped with superior windings to maximize performance and reliability.

Inside view of X team BLDC motor

Sensored vs. Sensorless Brushless Motors

Sensored brushless motors have built-in sensors that provide feedback on the rotor’s position. This feedback allows for precise control of the motor’s speed and torque, improving the overall performance of the drone. Sensorless motors, on the other hand, rely on back EMF (electromotive force) to determine the rotor position, which can be less accurate.

Enhancing Drone Performance with Sensored Motors

Sensored motors significantly enhance the performance of drones in several ways:

  1. Precision Control: Sensored motors provide real-time feedback on the rotor’s position, allowing for precise control of speed and torque. This precision is crucial for aeromodelling engines and high-performance drones.
  2. Smooth Operation: The feedback from the sensors ensures smooth and consistent operation, reducing vibrations and improving the stability of the drone.
  3. Efficient Energy Use: Sensored motors optimize energy use, extending the flight time of drones and reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.
  4. Improved Reliability: With sensors monitoring the rotor’s position, sensored motors are less prone to demagnetization and other issues, ensuring reliable performance.

What Are Stators and Their Importance?

The stator is the stationary part of a brushless motor that contains the windings. It plays a crucial role in generating the magnetic field needed for the motor’s operation. High-quality stators, like those used in X-Team motors, are designed to minimize losses and maximize efficiency.

Motor Windings: The Heart of Brushless Motors

Motor windings are essential components of brushless motors. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, driving the rotor. Proper winding design and material selection are critical for ensuring efficient operation and long lifespan.

Preventing Demagnetization in Sensored Motors

Demagnetization can be a significant issue in brushless motors, especially in high-performance applications like drones. Sensored motors, with their real-time feedback, are less susceptible to demagnetization. This makes them more reliable and longer-lasting.

Applications of Sensored Motors in Drones

Sensored motors are used in various drone applications, including:

  1. Racing Drones: Sensored motors provide the precision and speed control needed for competitive racing.
  2. Photography Drones: The smooth operation of sensored motors ensures stable flight, essential for capturing high-quality images and videos.
  3. Industrial Drones: In industrial applications, the reliability and efficiency of sensored motors are crucial for tasks such as inspection and surveying.

Close up view of X team BLDC motor


Sensored brushless motors are a game-changer in the world of drone technology. They offer precision control, smooth operation, efficient energy use, and improved reliability. At X-Team, we are committed to providing high-quality sensored motors that meet the demanding needs of drone enthusiasts and professionals.

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