The x-team brushless motor’s small series has been received by many customers to consult the DC brushless motor on the AGV car. The user does not specify the performance requirements, resulting in the standard deviation of the DC brushless motor selection, which wastes a lot of time on the selection. The following small series introduces you to the selection method of AGV trolley DC brushless motor:

The AGV car has become an unmanned van. It is the most widely used in the industry. It is equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical. It can be controlled by a computer. The car travels along a prescribed guiding path, with safety protection and various loads. Features the characteristics of the transport vehicle.
Then, for the AGV trolley DC brushless motor selection x-team brushless motor has the following recommendations:

1. Motor rated power;
2. Motor reduction ratio: According to the reduction ratio of the main gear and the sprocket after the motor is equipped with the reduction gearbox.
3. Motor torque: rated torque and starting torque.
4. Motor speed: The speed when the motor is running.
5, motor size: outer diameter and length, shaft length, including the design of the end cap.

Note: DC brushless motor selection and gearbox must first provide sufficient torque to overcome the friction generated by the maximum load of the AGV. In addition, the speed of the motor can be output to the R&D personnel after the speed reducer is added. AGV maximum speed requirements.
According to the above requirements, the final selection of AGV DC brushless motor is BLDC60. The gearbox can be selected according to customer requirements. The reduction ratio must be selected according to the performance requirements of the motor. This DC brushless motor has a unique structural design and operation. It is stable and reliable, easy to maintain, long life, high operating efficiency, no excitation loss and good speed regulation. It also overcomes the shortcomings of noise, spark and radio interference caused by brushed motor and mechanical carbon brush and commutator. The brushless DC motor is an integrated motor and drive product. The user needs to provide the performance requirements of the drive. The x-team brushless motor can adjust the drive system according to the requirements to create a dedicated motor for the user.

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