Comprehensive analysis of motor magnets: The permanent magnet materials commonly used in motors include sintered magnets and bonded magnets. The main types are aluminum-nickel-cobalt, ferrite, samarium-cobalt, neodymium-iron-boron and so on.

AlNiCo: AlNiCo permanent magnet material is one of the earliest widely used permanent magnet materials, and its preparation process and technology are relatively mature. At present, factories in Japan, the United States, Europe, Russia, and China have factories. Among the large-scale production enterprises, the output of Hangzhou permanent magnets is currently the first in the country, with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons.

Permanent ferrite materials: In the 1950s, ferrites began to flourish. Especially in the 1970s, barium ferrite with better coercivity and magnetic energy machine was put into production, and the ferrite was rapidly expanded. the use of. As a non-metallic magnetic material, ferrite has no metal permanent magnet material, which is easy to oxidize, has low Curie temperature and high cost, so it is very popular.

Samarium Cobalt Material: A permanent magnet material with excellent magnetic properties that emerged in the mid-1960s with very stable performance. Samarium cobalt is particularly suitable for the manufacture of electric motors in terms of magnetic properties, but because of its high price, it is mainly used in the research and development of military, aerospace, military and other military motors and high-tech motors with high performance and not the main price.

NdFeB material: NdFeB magnetic material is an alloy of niobium, iron oxide, etc., also known as magnetic steel. With extremely high magnetic energy product and force, and high energy density, NdFeB permanent magnet materials have been widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology, enabling instrumentation, electroacoustic motors, magnetic separation magnetization and other equipment. It is possible to reduce the size, weight, and thickness. Due to the large amount of barium and iron, it is easy to rust. Surface chemical passivation is currently one of the best solutions.

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