There are many manufacturers of three-phase asynchronous motors, and their quality and prices are also different. Although my country has long established technical standards for motor production and design, many companies have adjusted the motor design according to the market segmentation needs to form a motor on the market. Performance varies.

The three-phase asynchronous motor is a product with very mature technology, and the production threshold is also low. In areas with developed industrial chains, small workshop-style motor factories abound, but to achieve excellent motor performance and stable quality, it is still necessary Only a large-scale motor factory can be guaranteed.

01 silicon steel sheet

Silicon steel sheet is an important part of the motor. Together with copper wire, it accounts for the main cost of the motor. Silicon copper sheet is divided into cold-rolled steel sheet and hot-rolled steel sheet. The country has long advocated the abandonment of hot-rolled sheet. The performance of cold-rolled sheets can be reflected in the grades. Generally, DW800, DW600, DW470, etc. are used. Ordinary asynchronous motors generally use DW800. Some companies use strip steel to manufacture motors. There are obvious differences in performance.

02 core length

The stator and rotor of the motor are all die-casted from silicon steel sheets. The length of the die-casting and the tightness of the die-casting have a lot of influence on the performance of the motor. Some companies reduce the cost by shortening the length of the core or reducing the price of silicon steel sheet grades, and the price of the motor is lower.

03 copper wire trough full rate

The copper wire trough full rate refers to the amount of copper wire used. The longer the core, the more copper wire will be used. The higher the slot full rate, the more copper wires are used. If the copper wire is sufficient, the motor performance will be better. Some production Without changing the length of the core, the company reduces the slot shape of the stator to reduce the amount of copper wire and reduce costs.


The bearing is the carrier that bears the high-speed rotation of the motor rotor. The quality of the bearing affects the running noise and heat of the motor.


The case is responsible for the vibration and heat dissipation of the motor during operation. According to the weight, the heavier the case, the greater the strength. Of course, the appearance design of the case and the die-casting appearance are all important factors that affect the price of the case.

06 Craft

Including the machining accuracy of the machine parts, the rotor die-casting process, the assembly process, the insulation dipping, etc., will affect the performance and quality stability of the motor. The production process of large-scale manufacturers is relatively strict and the quality is more guaranteed.

Generally speaking, a motor is basically a product that pays for what you pay for. Motors with a large price difference will definitely have different quality. It mainly depends on whether the quality and price of the motor can meet the requirements of customers. Suitable for different market segments.

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