There are a lot of detailed descriptions of brushless motors on X-teamrc.

X-team burshless dc motor, as the leader of brushless tools, has its own unique technology,

Using the control chip and IGBT rectifier circuit group to control the stator (also called magnetic field group) of the motor coil to form a phase shift magnetic field,

The rotor part (the armature part of a conventional motor) is made of rare earth material with high magnetic energy poles to form a permanent magnet.

By constantly detecting the direction of the rotor’s magnetic field, the rotor is driven by applying a corresponding magnetic field to the stator and shifting the phase.

X-team burshless dc motor has been using brushless DC motors in a large number of residential power tools.

Now the civil power tools with brushless AC motor using 220V AC power have also been on the market for more than 2 years.

brushless dc motor
Brushless dc Motor; X-team Brushless Dc Motor Power Tools are widely used in electric drills, hammers, angle grinders, chainsaws and pruners.


The following are some of the main advantages of brushless motors.


1、Low interference, low electric loss, low heat generation

Brushless motor has no brushes, the biggest change is that there is no electric spark generated when the brush motor is running.

Thus, the electrical energy consumed, the electric wave interference due to the electric spark, and the heat generated by the electric spark are all gone.

In the case of rechargeable power tools, the electric energy saved by this alone can increase the range of a single battery by about 30%.

x-team brushless dc motor
X-team Brushless Dc Motor Power Tools are widely used in electric drills, hammers, angle grinders, chainsaws and pruners.

2、Low noise, smooth running

Brushless motor has no brushes, and the friction is greatly reduced when running.

Smooth operation, noise will be much lower.

This advantage for precision equipment, small equipment stability will be of great help.


3、Long life, low maintenance costs

The main loss of traditional motor comes from the brush and rotor commutator part of the irreparable wear.

Without brushes, the wear and tear of the motor itself is almost only on the bearings.

From the mechanical point of view, this wear and tear is almost negligible, and can even be regarded as maintenance-free level.


4、No risk of rotor coil breakage

The rotor speed of the motor is very high, reaching tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.

So the traditional motor in the encounter of foreign body intrusion (such as debris)

It is easy to cause the rotor winding breakage.

This is especially common in industrial AC power tools.

After all, the domestic AC power tools are mainly used in the processing and production of industrial and mining enterprises, as well as decoration and installation.

With a brushless motor, the rotor becomes a completely unelectrified, uncoiled unit.

There is also no electrical failure caused by minor damage when rotating.


5、Evolution of power tool switch function

The switch of traditional power tools often plays the role of opening and closing the circuit of motor power supply.

This means that the current of the whole machine needs to pass through the switch circuit.

So, for the electrical safety and durability of the switch

Both the mechanical and electrical design of the switch are very limited.

It is also easy to cause many switches can not be designed to be more ergonomic, when the buckle does not feel good, easy to use for a long time fatigue.

Hitachi’s brushless motor is controlled by the control chip to control the power supply to the motor.

And the switch only needs to give the corresponding weak signal to the control chip can be.

So the reduction of electrical load can make the switch both in life and in the use of comfort have been substantially improved.


6、Diversification of control modes of power tools

As mentioned above, the operation of Hitachi’s brushless motor is controlled by the control chip.

So it becomes easier to detect and adjust the speed.

It is also possible to program the chip to provide different speed and torque output for different needs.

So most of Hitachi’s brushless products now can provide a variety of operating modes to truly achieve a multi-use machine.


7、Adapt to relatively large fluctuation of power supply voltage range (AC)

X-team burshless dc motor AC products with brushless motors have a very useful feature that

is to be able to ensure sufficient performance output even in the low voltage state.

Thus, in many engineering situations where extra-long power supply cables are required.

even if the supply voltage to the power tool end is much attenuated.

It is still possible to maintain sufficient capacity and ensure efficient operation.


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