DC brushless diaphragm water pump for plant protection machine
DC 12S power supply / 3.5L/min high flow / low noise and low vibration

12S 3.5L

    The miniature brushless DC diaphragm pump produced by our company uses a miniature DC motor (generally with a voltage of 12V, 24V, or 48V motor) as the power driver to drive the internal mechanical eccentric device to do eccentric movement, and the eccentric movement drives the internal diaphragm to do the reciprocating movement. Thus the fixed volume of the pump cavity air compression (compression when the pumping port closed, the exhaust port opened to form a slight positive pressure), stretching (compression when the exhaust port closed, the pumping port opened to form a negative pressure), the pumping port in the diaphragm pump with the external atmospheric pressure difference, under the action of the pressure difference, the gas pressure (suction) into the pump cavity, and then discharged from the exhaust port. Because of the power to use the principle of permanent magnet brushless DC motor without carbon brush friction, so there will be no spark; high efficiency, low power consumption, longer life than the brush motor, and low noise.


Product assembly diagram

12S 3.5L 2

Product specification chart

12S 3.5L 3

Basic parameters

Flow range:100L/H~200L/H
Power range:0.5W~50W
Working temperature: -35 degrees Celsius -100 degrees Celsius
Work requirements: continuous and non-stop (must ensure that there is water)
Noise: ≤50dB or 45dB (1m distance)
Inlet and outlet water diameter: Ø10MM
Waterproof: completely waterproof (waterproof grade IP68), can be submersible installation or external installation
Speed regulation (adjusting flow, adjusting head): only for three-phase brushless DC diaphragm pump


Test Parameters

Product Name Model Voltage(V) Current(A) Power (W) Flow rate (L/min) Pressure (MPa) Time Load
Miniature diaphragm pump 3.5L 48 0.3 14.4 / / / No pumping
48 0.35 16.8 3.5 0.35 1min No pressure nozzle
48 0.55 26.4 1.75 0.35 5 minutes 43 seconds 3 pressure nozzles
48 0.5 24 2.38 0.25 8 minutes 23 seconds 5 pressure nozzles
Can be used for 5-10L capacity unmanned plant protection machine, more than 10L can be connected with 2 or more in series

Product Features

1. Long life, no maintenance, slight current, high pressure, small volume, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, smooth operation.
2. Oil resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and other properties, no carbon brush, no pollution, electronic commutation, and long life.
3. The circuit board part of the motor is potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the problem of leakage of the motor-type DC diaphragm pump arising from long-term diving.
The problem of leakage can be installed underwater and completely waterproof.
4. can be modulated according to customer requirements diaphragm pump parameters, 48V diaphragm pump can be modulated 2 m head, can also be 5 m head, the volume remains unchanged, can be wide electric
voltage operation.
5. diaphragm pump shaft uses a high-performance stainless steel shaft, high precision, and good wear resistance, as the diaphragm pump using high precision bushings and stainless steel shaft
Precision fit, low noise, and a little less power noise can even reach 40 decibels or less.
6. diaphragm pump series in the three-phase no Hall program driven DC diaphragm pump can achieve PWM speed regulation, analog signal (0 ~ 5V) speed regulation, and the Potentiometer VR manual speed regulation, so that the flow rate and head can be adjusted.
7. diaphragm pump in the three-phase DC diaphragm pump for soft start, no shock, start power consumption is small, the circuit board and the pump body are completely separated, the pump body inside
There are no electronic components, the pump body is made of high-temperature resistant materials, and diaphragm pumps can be used in water for a long time. With eccentric wheel rotor jamming protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection, and overcurrent protection.
8. If you need to increase the diaphragm pump head can also be diaphragm pump in series, and the head can be doubled.
9. Water and land (external use when the installation position is below the liquid level).
10 . Diaphragm pump and its associated control system can be customized according to user requirements.

Notes on the use of brushless DC diaphragm pump

1. This pump has only two power leads two signal leads, not with power supply. Use a 36V or 50V DC power supply or battery power.
2 diaphragm pump power line positive and negative, the red line is positive when the black line is negative is (if the other line, it will also be clearly marked positive and negative poles, please check the attached manual for details).
3. correctly connect the diaphragm pump power line positive and negative, so that the pump can start normal operation.
4. The water inlet must be installed with a filtering device to prevent the entry of impurities. Otherwise, it is easy to block the pump, resulting in lower pressure and even no water.
5. Please do not drop and smash the product, which will affect the performance condition of the pump.
6. Reflux valve type pressure adjustment screw can not be adjusted at will. Before the factory, the pressure has been adjusted, if adjusted at will, easy to adjust the pressure of the return flow, and easy to hold burst out of the pipe.
7. Miniature diaphragm pump in the work will have sound and is within the tolerable range.
8. This is a very easy-to-use pump, please read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us.

Common failures and solutions

1. After the power is turned on, the diaphragm pump motor does not respond, please check whether the wire behind the motor is off or poor contact, or the diaphragm pump has been used for too long.
2. If there is internal component damage, please return it to the factory for repair.
3. After powering on, the motor sounds, but the water outlet is not out of the water, please open the pump above the 7 screws, and clean impurities to restore the water.

Safety warning

1. All products do not have explosion-proof performance and cannot work in flammable and explosive environments!
2. When extracting harmful objects, customers must speak to the ticket line again dew seal to ensure personal safety


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