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The FMS Tour Chengdu Station and the 2017 “Hao Hao Cup” Model Open ended on September 24th. Although it was quite difficult to fly in the rainy days, it also added a lot of fun to the event.
The event was co-sponsored by Dongguan Solitaire Model Technology Co., Ltd. (FMS) and Sichuan Haohao General Model Co., Ltd. It is not only the commemorative event of the 10th anniversary of FMS, but also the entertainment feast of the model friends in Chengdu.
The champion of the competition around the competition was won by Xi Xuan, Zhang Wei and Xu Wei respectively won the runner-up and the third runner-up; the champion of 2v2 remote-controlled air combat was won by 16 groups of Wei Peng and Chen Pengyuan, and the runner-up was 15 groups of Xu Hui and Zhang Wei. The third runner-up is 6 groups Wu Haixiong and Wang Yangle.

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