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From April 8 to 10, the “Ninth China International Modern Agriculture Expo” was successfully held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. The conference aims to further promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side, improve the level of agricultural technology and equipment, innovate the modern agricultural science and technology innovation and extension system, strengthen the integration of agriculture and information technology, promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture in China, and create the world’s largest Agricultural high-tech display exchange platform.

CIMAE has gone through eight sessions, adhering to the direction and demand of China’s agricultural modernization and rapid development, adhering to market orientation, optimizing professional services, expanding the international market, expanding the scale of exhibitions, the number of exhibitors has increased steadily, and the international influence and brand degree have increased dramatically. He was awarded the title of “China Top Ten Brand Exhibition Project” and was praised as “China’s First Exhibition of Modern Agriculture” by many authoritative media.

X-TEAM has brought a variety of power packs such as 10010, 8320, 6215, etc. The new power pack has a more reasonable structural design and lower efficiency. The new 10010 power kit with 3080 straight paddle and 80A ESC, the maximum pulling force can reach 15.2 kg, while the motor only weighs 496 grams.

On September 18, 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Finance, and the Civil Aviation Administration jointly issued a document, mainly focusing on the pilot application of agricultural machinery subsidies to guide the plant protection of unmanned aircraft in six provinces and cities, and selected Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing, etc. Six provinces (markets) were included in the pilot subsidy category, and the pilot provinces arranged a total of subsidies of not more than 10 million yuan. This is interpreted in the industry as the process of officially launching the plant protection drone into the national subsidy catalogue from the national level. From the past development history of dryers, balers, rice transplanters, sprayers, etc., this interpretation is not exaggerated.

In 2018, expanding the scope of subsidies will inevitably drive the demand for plant protection drones. At the same time, the subsidy policy will play a catalytic role, sales will jump, and low-end machines and technology immature models will occupy the market ahead of time, and user demand will also Saturated in advance, the entire plant protection drone industry will enter maturity in advance, the hardware industry will benefit first, followed by the derivative service industry.

X-TEAM focuses on providing high-quality brushless power systems and contributes to the development of China’s unmanned plant protection industry.

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